Insert and X-ref tools

This module is displayed every time a block is inserted or x-referenced from Block Explorer.

It enables immediate access to the following tools:
  • Insert or X-ref a block multiple times
  • Zoom in / out on inserted block
  • Flip horizontally or vertically
  • Spin in 90 deg increments
  • Trim out lines based on block's trim shape
  • Explode block inserts
  • Instantly modify block's scale, rotation and attributes based on preconfigured transformer
  • Modify insert layer, color and linetype and set them to defined property standards

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Insert and X-Ref tools

Adjust Drawing Blocks

Tools to manipulate selected drawing blocks:
  • Scale selected blocks as a group or individually
  • Modify blocks' rotation
  • Change insert layer, color and linetype and set them to defined property standards
  • Modify attributes as a group or individually
  • Trim out or fix lines based on blocks' trim shape

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Adjust Blocks

Tools for Blocks Replacement

Replace selected instances of one block with another:
  • Replacement block could be configured to match original block's scale, insert properties (layer, color and linetype), attributes and rotation
  • Original block definition could be configured to be purged from the drawing table after all its instances were replaced

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Replace Blocks

Block Collecting Tools

Collect blocks from any source and arrange them into block libraries

Collect blocks from:
  • Currently open drawing
  • Selected Dwg files
  • Folder structure - automatically traverses from selected folder down the tree to process every dwg file

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Block Collector

Tools for Modifying Library Blocks

Provides user friendly interface to:
  • Modify block's components' properties
  • Modify blocks's insertion point, orientation or scale
  • Fix blocks scaling problems due to incorrect units assignment
  • Acquire block image for multiple blocks at the same time

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Modify Blocks

Block Library Exchange

Website pages designated for marketing AutoCAD Block Libraries.

It contains an extensive collection of block libraries subdivided into industry-specific categories.

There are many free libraries and libraries that require license registration.

Libraries are compact, portable are designed to work with Block Explorer .Net.

For a complete list of available block libraries click image.
Block Library Standards Manager

Block Library Standards Manager

Configure block insert properties (layer, color and linetype) standards.

Different configurations could be developed for each client / discipline.

When a standard is assigned to a client drawing Block Explorer .Net will use it to automaticaly place a block being inserted on correct layer with appropriate color and linetype.

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Block Library Standards Manager
Library Access Control

Block Library Security Manager

This interface controls access to Block Explorer administration tools and provides block library security

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Instant Block Accessibility Features

Screen Pick - start using a block by "Picking" it from the drawing

  Libraries - select a block by clicking on its slide  image in Slide View or block record in List View

History - Block Explorer automatically saves references of used library blocks into drawing history. View and insert blocks from any drawing history

Favorites - add any library folder to your Favorites. Selecting Favorites tab will display all your favorite folders

Search by typing block's name, description or search pattern

Block File Version Converter

Block File Version Converter

Convert library block files to any Dwg version to support clients using different CAD applications

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AutoCAD Block Manager

Modern AutoCAD block library manager that works the way you want it to work

  • Collect blocks from different sources and arrange them into logical folders
  • Instantly find needed block (search, library, history, favorites or just pick it from the AutoCAD drawing screen)
  • Library security and portability
  • Extensive block libraries and help resources

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Library Reporter

AutoCAD Block Library Reporter

Print out contents of your block libraries

Reports could be configured to print out block images with block names or descriptions (Slide View) or block names with descriptions (Detail View)

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Library Reporter